Here is a list of my publications to date, both academic (in journals, conference proceedings and circulars) and popular (astronomical society journals, online publications, magazine articles). And my thesis from 2006.

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In prep and submitted papers:

WSRT observations of the outburst in NGC660
A&A in prep
I. van Bemmel, M.K. Argo, R.J. Beswick, and ???

MERLIN and VLA wide-field imaging of the GOODS-North field at 1.4 GHz
MNRAS in prep
N. Wrigley, R.J. Beswick, T.W.B. Muxlow, S. Garrington, M.K. Argo

Wide-field VLBI imaging of the NGC253 starburst
in prep
Muxlow & Argo

A large-area survey of ultra-steep spectrum radio sources
in prep
Argo, Paragi, Klöckner, Röttgering, Miley

Investigating the Galaxy Zoo Voorwerpjes with Westerbork
MNRAS, in prep
Argo, Jozsa, Garrett, Keel, etc.

Resolving the masers in M82: high resolution imaging of the OH main lines with the EVN
MNRAS, in prep
Argo, Beswick, Fenech, Muxlow

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