Here is a list of my publications to date, both academic (in journals, conference proceedings and circulars) and popular (astronomical society journals, online publications, magazine articles). And my thesis from 2006.

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IAU Circulars, Astronomer's Telegrams, editorials and newsletter items:

19) Radio Detection of SN 2014bc in NGC 4258 with eMERLIN
ATel 6273 (2014)
M. Argo, M. Perez-Torres, A. Alberdi, R. Beswick, J. Conway, N. Elias-Rosa, R. Herrero-Illana, R. Kotak, P. Lundqvist, S. Mattila, J. Marcaide, T. Muxlow, I. Marti-Vidal, N. Ramirez-Olivencia, C. Romero-Canizales, C. Stockdale, E. Varenius

18) EVN measurements show no evidence for radio emission from the Type Ia SN 2014J
ATel 6153 (2014)
M. Perez-Torres, P. Lundqvist, Z. Paragi, C. I. Bjornsson, C. Fransson, A. Alberdi, M. K. Argo, R. Beswick, J. C. Guirado, J. M. Marcaide, I. Martí-Vidal, T. W.M. Muxlow, E. Ros, S. Ryder, B. Schmidt

17) Upper limits to the radio emission of the Type Ia SN 2014J from eMERLIN observations
ATel 6149 (2014)
R. Beswick, T. W.M. Muxlow, M. Perez-Torres, P. Lundqvist, M. K. Argo, C. I. Bjornsson, C. Fransson, S. Ryder, B. Schmidt, G. Anderson, R. Fender

16) 5.0 GHz Continuum MERLIN Observations of the Type Ia SN 2013dy
ATel 5619 (2013)
M. Perez-Torres, M. Argo, P. Lundqvist, G. Anderson, R. Beswick, C. I. Bjornsson, R. Fender, A. Rushton, S. Ryder, T. Staley

15) Blinkered Vision: The Wider Effects of the US Shutdown
Op-ed piece in the Journal of Science Policy and Governance, Hot Topics 2013 issue
Megan Argo

14) Investigating nearby galaxies with wide-field VLBI
Article in the ASTRON newsletter, summer 2013
Megan Argo

13) Probing the nature of compact ultra-steep spectrum radio sources with the e-EVN and e-MERLIN
Science highlight, European VLBI Network Newsletter 34, February 2013
Megan Argo (ASTRON), Zsolt Paragi (JIVE), Huub Röttgering (Leiden), Hans-Rainer Klöckner (MPIfR), George Miley (Leiden) and Mehreen Mahmud (ex-JIVE)

12) Resolved simultaneous observations of 1665 and 1667 MHz OH masers in M82
Science highlight, European VLBI Network Newsletter 33, September 2012
Megan Argo (ASTRON), Rob Beswick (JBCA), Danielle Fenech (UCL), Tom Muxlow (JBCA), Melanie Gendre (JBCA)

11) Supernova 2010as in NGC 6000
CBET 2242 (2010)
Ryder, S.; Covarrubias, R.; Amy, S.; Argo, M.; Stockdale, C.; van Dyk, S.; Immler, S.; Weiler, K.; Panagia, N.

10) Discovery of a new transient radio source in the central region of M82
ATel 2073 (2009)
Muxlow, T. W. B.; Beswick, R. J.; Pedlar, A.; Fenech, D.; Argo, M. K.; Ward, M. J.; Zezas, A.

9) MERLIN observations of SN2008sx
ATel 1469 (2008)
M.K. Argo, R.J. Beswick, T.W.B. Muxlow, A. Pedlar (JBCA), J. Marcaide, I Martí-Vidal (Valencia)

8) e-VLBI detection of SN2007gr
ATel 1215 (2007)
Paragi, Z.; Kouveliotou, C.; Garrett, M.A.; Ramirez-Ruiz, E.; van Langevelde, H.J.; Szomoru, A.; Argo, M.

7) MERLIN observations of SN2007gr
ATel 1210 (2007)
Argo, M.K.; Beswick, R.J.; Pedlar, A.; Muxlow, T.W.B.

6) Radio observations of SN 2006gy with MERLIN
ATel 1084 (2007)
Argo, M. K.; Beswick, R. J.; Muxlow, T. W. B.; Pedlar, A.

CBAT 842 (2007)
Argo, M. K.; Muxlow, T. W. B.; Beswick, R. J.; Pedlar, A.

4) Supernovae 2002hh and 2005V
IAUC 8572 (2005)
Beswick, R. J.; Fenech, D.; Thrall, H.; Argo, M. K.; Muxlow, T. W. B.; Pedlar, A.

3) SUPERNOVA 2004et in NGC6946
IAUC 8435 (2004)
Beswick, R.J.; Muxlow, T.W.B.; Argo, M.K.; Pedlar, A.; Marcaide, J.M.

2) SUPERNOVA 2004dj in NGC 2403
IAUC 8399 (2004)
Argo, M. K.; Muxlow, T. W. B.; Beswick, R. J.; Pedlar, A.; Marcaide, J. M.

1) SUPERNOVA 2004am IN M82
IAUC 8332 (2004)
Beswick, R. J.; Muxlow, T. W. B.; Argo, M. K.; Pedlar, A.

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