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Image credit: Jeff Brower (Canada) / Colorgramme software by Pierre Terrier

LIVE results from the Perseids - August so far

The image below shows results from a similar detector to JBOMD taken over the month of August 2008 so far By Jeff Brower, an observer in Canada. It shows the details of the observer and the system used to make the observations including the geographical location of the antenna and the frequency used by the detector. The histogram (in blue) shows the number of meteors detected for each hour so far today. The chart on the right shows the results for each day of the current month. In this plot, each day is represented by one vertical line of squares, each square represents one hour. The colour of each square shows the number of meteors detected during that particular hour, the colour scale is given on the right of the chart. Again, note that all times in these plots are given in UT.

The peak of Perseid activity in 2008 was predicted to occur on August 12th at around 17:30am to 20:00pm (UT). Can you see a peak in the number of meteors in the plot below?