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Image credit: Megan Argo and Eddie Blackhurst / Jodrell Bank Observatory

LIVE results from the Perseids - past hour

This plot shows the last hour of results from the same experiment. On this plot, as for the previous plot, time goes along the bottom with the most recent result on the right, while the y-axis shows frequency. In this plot, data from the past hour are compressed into one plot and the vertical lines are separated by five minutes.

As before, each bright point you can see is a reflection from the ionised trail of a meteor in the upper atmosphere. This plot shows the last hour of results compressed into one image so the individual reflections may look a bit squashed. By looking at the past hour, you can get a better idea of how frequently these echos occur. Come back in an hour to see how the plot has changed.

Again, note that the times in these plots are given in UT (WAST = UT + 8hrs). The results are live from the UK showing current meteor activity. Many of these reflections will be from Perseid meteors, although some will be reflections from sporadic meteors which are not associated with any particular comet.

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