JBOMDf latest

Image credit: Megan Argo and Eddie Blackhurst / Jodrell Bank Observatory

LIVE results from the Perseids - past five minutes

This plot shows the most recent results from the JBOMD detector situated at Jodrell Bank Observatory in the UK. On this plot, time goes along the x-axis. Vertical lines are separated by one minute and the most recent result is on the right. The y-axis shows the frequency of the received signal in Hz.

Each bright yellow point you can see is a reflection from the ionised trail of a meteor in the upper atmosphere over Europe. This plot shows the last five minutes of results so it will change regularly. Watch out for echoes which last for several minutes - these are caused by "fireballs", large meteors which can be visually extremely bright and leave visual trails lasting for several minutes.

Note that the times in these plots are given in UT (WAST = UT + 8hrs). The results are live from the UK showing current meteor activity. Many of these reflections will be from Perseid meteors, although some will be reflections from sporadic meteors which are not associated with any particular comet.

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