One of the many things I do in my spare time is contribute to podcasts and record audio books. This started with the Jodcast in 2005/6, extended to Librivox in 2009 and others in 2010. Here you will find a summary of my recordings to date.

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Astronomy.FM is the world's only online 24-hours a day astronomy and science radio station. Run entirely by volunteers, it broadcasts original live shows, as well as a selection of some of the best science podcasts from around the internet.


The Jodcast is an astronomy podcast by a bunch of astronomers based (mainly) at Jodrell Bank Observatory in the UK. Since the Jodcast began in January 2006, I have researched and produced the news section for the first show of each month. From time to time I have also conducted the odd interview, and joined in the presenting from time to time. I retired from the Jodcast at the end of 2012, after seven years of producing the news.


In August 2009 I began recording audio books for Librivox, a volunteer project to create audio recordings of public domain texts (mainly from Project Gutenberg). Below is a list of my contributions with links to the audio. As this page might not always be updated straight away, you can find an up to date list on my Librivox catalogue page.

Other podcasts

From time to time I record other random things and contribute to other podcasts, and here they are.

Starship Sofa

365 Days of Astronomy

Immersive Theatres Night Sky podcast

Random recordings and one-off contributions to other podcasts

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